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“It's 2022! We may not have flying cars yet like Back To The Future told us we would, but if the world can change for the better, why can't we?” - Mike Williams
Duncan Galvanizing hasn't thrived since 1890 because we stuck with the old ways. In an old industry, we STILL continue to evolve, to not only lead the industry in what we feel we do the best, but innovation is something that has been rooted from our past. We aim to be the One-Stop-Shop you all need in ANYTHING/ALL that is galvanizing and coatings.
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2020 - Boston, Massachusetts
2020 - Boston, Massachusetts
2019 - Long Beach, California
2019 - Boston, Massachusetts
2019 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
2019 - New York City, New York
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Duncan Services

Corrosion Protection

Duncan Galvanizing provides state-of-the-art hot dip galvanizing and high-performance architectural finishes for ANY metal substrate, including galvanized steel, aluminum and "black steel" (uncoated steel).


If the specification requires blasting, our full-service, on-premise blasting facility can accomodate a wide variety of structural and miscellaneous shapes.

Drawing & Detail Review

With over 100 years in the galvanizing industry, we've seen just about all of the possible problems that can happen and we'd like to share our experience with you.

Specification Review

At Duncan Galvanizing, we're thoroughly familiar with spec requirements for galvanizing projects and factory-applied metal coatings. Our team of experts would be pleased to look over your project or Office Master Specification either in person or via email.

Technical Seminars

Duncan Galvanizing offers AIA CEU accredited luncheon seminars and plant tours for architects, engineers or any individual interested in learning more about hot dip galvanizing and factory applied metal coatings.

Fabrication and Touch-Up Seminars

Duncan Galvanizing offers the following seminars for Fabricators and Contractors interested in learning the latest industry techniques:
  • Fabricating for Galvanizing
  • Field Touch-Up of Factory Applied Metal Coatings
We've been around for over 130 Years. ~
Mike Williams
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